Working, living, leisure and mobility – how do we shape our future life in cities? How do we make our homes more sustainable, our neighborhoods more livable and our workplaces more flexible? In this specific area, we are looking for new answers from the XR industry to questions that are currently occupying everybody’s mind. The destination route is clear: enable an urban life that will be worthy to live in the future, that offers citizens the opportunity to shape their environment, and that finds new solutions for mobility in cities. In addition, personal living spaces will be transformed by smart-home technology, home offices and new media consumption behaviors. All of these topics offer opportunities for XR technologies from AR to Metaverse. At the Places Festival, these opportunities will be explored at Haus Reichstein. This program awaits you at Haus Reichstein:

  • The opportunity to try out VR and AR learning applications
  • Exchange ideas with developers in the field of XR learning
  • A lecture program with experts from the fields of XR, urban planning, smart home and many more

Opening hours: Friday 15:00 - 20:00 and Saturday 11:00 - 18:00

Program in WebApp

Learn here how urban life will change and how XR affects the development of urban living.

About the Haus Reichstein

Since 1902, the Reichstein House has had an eventful history. Right from the start, the building with its stand-up beer hall on the first floor was a lively meeting place for the residents of Ückendorf. Until the 2000s, Haus Reichstein remained a firm anchor in Ückendorf’s pub scene. The house deteriorated visibly and then became the subject of a new type of construction project: In 2018 the vacant, listed Gründerzeit house was fundamentally and intelligently renovated as a model project for other owners & experts in North Rhine-Westphalia. The project is special in that all construction steps and measures are accessible after its completion – both analog on site and via digital media and a VR application. In 2022 the redevelopment was finalized. The first floor again became a meeting place with gastronomy. Since then, all those who want to revive similar properties can find all the important information in the building exhibition.

Bochumer Straße 11445886 Gelsenkirchen

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