Tech for Good


See a better tomorrow in VR - and then make it happen yourself.

The United Nations (UN) has set 17 sustainability goals to make the world more sustainable and better by 2030. In the Tech for Good exhibition, you can use VR goggles to immerse yourself in worlds where these goals have been achieved. In VR, you walk through the streets of a sustainable city of the future. You will experience what it means to live in a world without inequality. And you will learn how you can help make the sustainability goals a reality. In the accompanying lecture programme, sustainability experts will provide practical tips and valuable information on how everyone can live more sustainably.

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Altes Colloseum

The building in the middle of Gelsenkirchen’s city centre long served as a department store location for various fashion brands. The shop is currently empty and is a good example of the challenges facing city centres in terms of sustainability and urban planning. Centrally located in Gelsenkirchen city centre, this programme location is best reached from Gelsenkirchen main station.

Bahnhofstraße 6945879 Gelsenkirchen

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Tech for Good is a project sponsored by the e.on Stiftung gGmbH and is co-financed by the Volksbank Ruhr-Mitte.