At the Places _ VR Festival the urbanana-Areal with 5 Augmented Reality artworks will be created in the Bochumer Straße quarter. The works of art take up already existing street art works (graffiti, murals, picture panels, etc.) in the quarter and extend them. Visitors can use a smartphone app to bring the real works of art virtually to life. Suddenly, artistic 3D animations, videos or pictures complement and superimpose reality.

urbanana is an invitation to experience urban spaces in a different way. The project of Tourismus NRW e.V. brings together creative people and discoverers* and, together with urbanana-AReal, creates a city tour that expands reality even under conditions of social distance.

Places _ VR Festival / Foto: Medienmalocher Ravi Sejk

Our winners 2020

The City Geenymizers

The City Geenymizers

With their VR application, the group occupied a current very relevant topic, sustainable urban planning: The special thing about it is that direct feedback is given to the planner in the sandbox, thus enabling a participatory interaction between residents and the urban planners. The jury also praised the fact that the prototype was not just a dummy, but that a large part of the functions could actually be operated in 24 hours.

Team Trost in Soest

Team Trost in Soest

The team has given a lot of thought to how to create a digital culture of dying. Through audio logs, videos, pictures or 3D objects that can be displayed around the virtual grave of the deceased, the culture of remembrance of the deceased becomes more multidimensional. The team has thought about how to enrich a simple gravestone, on which only the name is written, with more information and thus also emotions.

University Potsdam

University Potsdam

The prize in the category Best Tech goes to the VR Paint Shop ("VR Lackierwerkstatt") of the Chair for Complex Multimedia Application Architectures at the University of Potsdam. With the HandLeVR project, the team is investigating the use and technical design of a virtual reality paint shop as a training tool in professional vehicle painting training. The jury is convinced and praises the open source approach of the developers from Potsdam, who work in close cooperation with many partners from practice.

University of Applied Sciences  Kiel

University of Applied Sciences Kiel

The project with the greatest potential for social impact is awarded in the category Best Impact. The prize goes to Tim Waldron, student at the FH Kiel. He wins with his project VR Eye Tracking in Parkinson Research. The jury around Markus Rall agrees: “The impact of the prototype on society can be enormous. The VR application and the Virtual Reality Eye Tracking should help to analyze eye movement, which is used in neurogeriatric Parkinson research.

Hochschule Neu-Ulm

Hochschule Neu-Ulm

This category honors the most creative approach and use of extended reality. The team from the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm around Barbara Dannenmann convinced the jury with a virtual negotiation training and the combination of AI and VR. The application “Virtual Negotiation Training – Beat the Bot” is about a negotiation training element for blended learning. The aim of the application is to experience a negotiation situation in the form of a pitch and to learn the optimal negotiation style in a highly competitive sales negotiation for capital goods.



With the Health-VR-Startup PsyCurio is the winner of the Places _ Startup Pitch. PsyCurio is a virtual reality software for the treatment of mental illness. Here VR is combined with psychological and neuroscientific findings.

30 exciting adventure stations at 25 surprising locations in the neighbourhood

In the whole quarter around Bochumer Straße in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf, visitors to the Places _ VR Festival will find the programme partners of the festival with their experience stations. Whether in the old shop, the pub or the start-up office – here you can discover and experience virtual reality!


  • “VR in Germany needs to evolve. The industry is growing and changing faster than any other. With VR slowly reaching mainstream adoption and AR maturing we cannot allow european countries like germany to fall behind.”

    Vladimir Ilic
    Vladimir Ilic vrhuman
  • "With our contribution to Places 2018, we felt that our VR project and the team were in the right place. The uniqueness of the event through the effective positioning in a suitable location brought added value from our perspective."

    Prof. Chris Wickenden
    Prof. Chris Wickenden Founder of skip Institut für angewandte digitale Visualisierung
  • "These contacts that develop are worth their weight in gold and the resulting development of a network was and still is essential to grow as a company."

    Marc Flören
    Marc Flören Co-Founder & Managing Partner von pointreef
  • "The Ruhr Area is an exciting region for start-ups. The industrial heart of Germany still beats here - come and make the heart beat faster!"

    Oliver Weimann
    Oliver Weimann Managing Director of ruhr:HUB
  • "Virtual Reality offers an incredible number of possibilities, especially in the field of museums and culture. Especially when it comes to knowledge transfer, a VR experience simply stays longer in the memory and thus offers real added value. We are happy that there is a Places Festival again this year, because we can present our applications to many people here."

    Lukas Kuhlendahl
    Lukas Kuhlendahl Co-founder of Weltenweberei
  • "The creative industry repeatedly offers pioneering solutions for society, business and politics - this is nothing new, and yet it cannot be emphasized often enough and made visible with particularly successful examples: Like with the places_ Virtual Reality Festival. Here it becomes clear, what positive effects creative ideas and actors, as well as innovative technologies can have on a district, even a whole city, and thus in the long run also on the economic development of a region."

    Claudia Jericho
    Claudia Jericho managing director of Creative NRW
  • "When a colleague drew my attention to the Places _VR Festival, I thought the event was a great opportunity to develop a VR project together with students from the Faculty of Architecture at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. I approached the event with relatively low expectations and saw it as a public platform for the students to present their projects. All the more I was pleasantly surprised when a multitude of interesting networking and cooperation opportunities arose during the festival days."

    Waldemar Jenek
    Waldemar Jenek Lecturer - University of Applied Sciences Bochum / Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia