05 & 06 May 2023

05 & 06May 2023

Save the date!

On 05 and 06 May, the Places Festival will take place again in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf. For the fourth time already, we make the latest extended reality technology tangible – for everyone and free of charge! Whether you’re an XR expert, start-up, entrepreneur, or just interested in the latest developments in VR and AR, we look forward to meeting you at Places 2023!

Take a first look at our theme fields and immerse yourself in virtual reality at Places Festival 2023!


Metaversum. Networked. Discover.

The buzzword “metaverse” is present everywhere, but it is usually difficult to get started with the topic. What exactly is behind this journey into the metaverse? Where does VR technology actually come from and where is it heading? How does the concept of “avatars” work and what possibilities does virtual space already offer today?

Haus Reichstein

Innovation. Urban. Design.

Working, living, leisure and mobility – how do we shape our future life in cities? How will our homes become more sustainable, our neighborhoods more livable and our workplaces more flexible? We are looking for new answers from the XR industry to questions that are currently occupying everyone.


mxr Lab

Knowledge. Digital. Impart.

From preschool age through traditional schooling to training, study and continuing education, and qualifications into old age — we strive to learn new things and deepen knowledge. Extended Reality technologies now enable completely new learning experiences that can be explored in the mxr lab.


Alter Supermarkt

People. Interactive. Connect.

Dialogue is brutalizing because of social media and downtowns are dying because of online shopping. Technology is often blamed for the isolation and division of society. How can VR & AR help to create new meeting spaces, new economies and new forms of togetherness?


Display windows along the street

Economy. Immersive. Think.

In the sign of energy crisis, climate change and changing shopping behavior, the question arises how to develop a resource-efficient and sustainable economy. Especially in the retail sector, innovative approaches are in demand, which will be searched for, found and subsequently presented in the shop windows in the form of augmented reality prototypes as part of the Places Hackathon.

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