Visit the Places _ VR Festival from 16 to 18 September in Gelsenkirchen!

Germany’s #1 festival for virtual reality will once again take place around Bochumer Straße in Gelsenkirchen. For three days, it’s all about testing, learning, discovering, exchanging and networking – without admission and without registration. All in extraordinary locations and with a festival atmosphere – that’s the Places _ VR Festival!

Without registration!

Free admission!

Come to the Places _ VR Festival!

The info point on Bochumer Straße 109 serves as a contact point at our festival. If you have questions or need orientation, you will be helped here. You can download the overview map with all the important locations of the festival here. All other important questions will be answered in our FAQ.

Places _ VR Festival / Medienmalocher, Ravi Sejk

Places and Corona

Despite the current pandemic situation, the Places _ VR Festival will take place again this year. Everything about hygiene and the current Corona protection measures at the festival can be found on our special Corona page on our website.

The Places _ VR Festival: The meeting place for the German virtual reality scene!

Virtual _ Update

Stay informed until the festival and be the first to find out about programme highlights and all other important information about the 2021 festival.

What the Places _ Community says about the festival:

  • “VR in Germany needs to evolve. The industry is growing and changing faster than any other. With VR slowly reaching mainstream adoption and AR maturing we cannot allow european countries like germany to fall behind.”

    Vladimir Ilic
    Vladimir Ilic vrhuman
  • "With our contribution to Places 2018, we felt that our VR project and the team were in the right place. The uniqueness of the event through the effective positioning in a suitable location brought added value from our perspective."

    Prof. Chris Wickenden
    Prof. Chris Wickenden Founder of skip Institut für angewandte digitale Visualisierung
  • "These contacts that develop are worth their weight in gold and the resulting development of a network was and still is essential to grow as a company."

    Marc Flören
    Marc Flören Co-Founder & Managing Partner von pointreef
  • "The Ruhr Area is an exciting region for start-ups. The industrial heart of Germany still beats here - come and make the heart beat faster!"

    Oliver Weimann
    Oliver Weimann Managing Director of ruhr:HUB
  • "Virtual Reality offers an incredible number of possibilities, especially in the field of museums and culture. Especially when it comes to knowledge transfer, a VR experience simply stays longer in the memory and thus offers real added value. We are happy that there is a Places Festival again this year, because we can present our applications to many people here."

    Lukas Kuhlendahl
    Lukas Kuhlendahl Co-founder of Weltenweberei
  • "The creative industry repeatedly offers pioneering solutions for society, business and politics - this is nothing new, and yet it cannot be emphasized often enough and made visible with particularly successful examples: Like with the places_ Virtual Reality Festival. Here it becomes clear, what positive effects creative ideas and actors, as well as innovative technologies can have on a district, even a whole city, and thus in the long run also on the economic development of a region."

    Claudia Jericho
    Claudia Jericho managing director of Creative NRW
  • "When a colleague drew my attention to the Places _VR Festival, I thought the event was a great opportunity to develop a VR project together with students from the Faculty of Architecture at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. I approached the event with relatively low expectations and saw it as a public platform for the students to present their projects. All the more I was pleasantly surprised when a multitude of interesting networking and cooperation opportunities arose during the festival days."

    Waldemar Jenek
    Waldemar Jenek Lecturer - University of Applied Sciences Bochum / Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia
  • The desire to create a new medium together was also evident in the Creative _ Places residency, where we lived, worked and finally developed an exhibition together for a week. Versatile initiatives like Places are, in my opinion, extremely important for the community and for the further development of XR itself. I am happy about the opportunities and projects that have arisen and will arise from the contacts of the Places and I am especially looking forward to the 2020 festival!

    Farina Hamann
    Farina Hamann Bremersiv Community & Mitarbeiterin von NextReality Hamburg

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