Am Ende der Welt


© Nora Krahl / FKI, HTW Berlin

Discover the artworks of our residents and let them tell you about their experiences in the Kreativ.Quartier.

The year is 2032: interpersonal energies have deteriorated to such an extent that the entire global energy system threatens to collapse. In the world premiere of the sci-fi mini-opera, spectators wearing VR headsets stagger into dystopian future scenarios towards the end of the world. This end begins in a virtual feel-good computer game. Physicist Kassandra and sociologist Judith pass the time in the game, still unaware that their familiar reality is on the brink of extinction. From level to level, more and more glitches become noticeable, missions are repeated or aborted. At the same time, the latest research results from nuclear physics warn of the imminent breach of fundamental physical laws. Particles accelerate in an endless loop, global conflicts roar on the radio. Cassandra and Judith are losing control. What do you do when the world falls apart? RESTART: You start all over again…

Organized by Musiktheater im Revier, in German, for 10 viewers, duration: 45 minutes, not wheelchair accessible, for a fee: tickets via Musiktheater im Revier

During the performance, all guests wear VR headsets. This affects visual perception. In rare cases, dizziness or headaches may occur during use. Large spectacle frames may not fit under VR headset.


Nora Krahl (direction, composition)
Amir Baltić (stage, costume)
Christoph Clausen (text)
Bariş Pekçağliyan (Creative Technology)
Warja Rybakova (Creative Technology)
Alptuğ Çavuş (3D Artist)
Irina Shutova (Technical Artist)
Kolya Wulf (Sound)
Jari Kunter (Assistant Director)
Friederike Brendler (dramaturgy assistance)
XR_Unites, HTW Berlin (Development)
Leonid Barsht (Head XR Developer)
Laura Magdaleno Amaro (Head XR Development)
Ekaterina Losik (Digital Media Production, XR Development)
Manja Wischer (XR Development)
Maja Stark (Project Management XR_Unites)
Lisa Ströckens (Soprano)
Laura Waltz (Acting)
Giovanni Verga (voice ice-cream seller)
Daniel Jeroma (voice boss)
Maximilian Teschemacher (radio announcer)
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The Bahnhofcenter is directly adjacent to Gelsenkirchen’s main railway station and houses around 30 shops under one roof. On the first floor, which used to be a department store, there is a 1200m² open space that is used as a temporary theatre location for the Musiktheater im Revier production. In this way, art, culture and technology contribute to highlighting possibilities for alternative city centre uses away from retail and the like.

Bahnhofsvorpl. 545879 Gelsenkirchen

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A production as part of the Places Festival 2024. Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the NEUE WEGE funding programme. Supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR. As part of the XR_Unites project at HTW Berlin, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the “Innovation Potential in Culture II” (INP-II) programme. With the support of the City of Gelsenkirchen, Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen and BAHNHOFCENTER Gelsenkirchen.