From preschool to adult education in senior age, learning new things and deepening our knowledge is a constant part of life. Today, extended reality technologies are enabling entirely new learning experiences. Complex subject matters, that are rather difficult to comprehend, can now be conveyed more easily through the means of immersion and innovative forms of visualization. Virtual reality can provide protected learning spaces, and in the classroom, whole new worlds are created by augmented reality. At Places Festival 2023, we’ll give insights into the wide range of possibilities that XR offers in the field of knowledge transfer & pedagogy. What visitors can expect at the mxr lab:

  • The opportunity to try out VR and AR learning applications
  • Exchange ideas with developers, researchers and founders in the field of XR learning
  • A lecture program with experts from the fields of XR, pedagogy and andragogy
  • Insights into the results of practice sessions conducted as part of the Places Festival

Opening hours: Friday 15:00 – 20:00 and Saturday 11:00 – 18:00

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Discover the future of education today – whether in the area of school, training, further education or qualification.

About the mxr lab

With the mxr lab, a place has been created on 300m² where the XR industry, research, business and society come together. The focal point of this ambitious mission is the democratization of (XR) technology. In addition to the major annual event, the creators of the Places Festival have established a permanent venue for the subject matter of XR in Gelsenkirchen here. In order to install the extended reality technology permanently in Gelsenkirchen, the technology lab was opened on the forecourt of the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche.

Bochumer Straße 10945886 Gelsenkirchen

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