The isolation of people in our society is a tendency that can be observed across all age groups. In addition, people tend to separate themselves into small groups to withdraw into filter bubbles and safe spaces. The reasons for these developments are manifold and are often explained by technology-critical analysis. What is missing are real places of encounter. Social media replaces the conversation in the café, busy city centers are dying because of online retailing, No one has to leave the house. It offers everything for which one had to interact with other people before. We want to focus on the positive side of technology: How can VR & AR help people to reconnect and meet again? How can obstacles be broken down digitally and what makes filter bubbles burst? Are there technical solutions that can create virtual central places of encounter and commerce? Can immersive technologies help to make experiences and influences transparent and tangible? What you can experience here:

  • VR & AR applications to try out
  • Exchange with developers from the XR industry
  • Lecture program with experts from various areas of human interaction

Opening hours: Friday 15:00 – 20:00 and Saturday 11:00 – 18:00

Program in Webapp

Come by and experience how XR can positively impact human interaction and action.

About the old Supermarket

In its past, the location on Bochumer Straße with its large area has been a supermarket. In 2021 it was a venue for the Places Festival. Most recently, the sales area was a focal point for fans of classic Russian specialties, for which customers traveled further distances. The space of 540-square-meter thus also stands as a symbol for economic developments, migration history, community spirit and structural change in the neighborhood.

Bochumer Straße 15645886 Gelsenkirchen

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