Event highlights of the XR year 2021

After many events did not take place at all or only digitally last year, we are looking forward to conferences, expos and meetings around VR, AR and related technologies again in 2021. We have selected a selection of highlight events for you. We will continue to fill out this list and keep you up to date on the form these events will take.

This article will be updated regularly. Last update 02.02.2021.

Do you have an event that should be listed here? Then send us an email with the date, text & visual to info@places-festival.de.

Laval Virtual – Recto VRso

04 – 16 04 2021 – Laval, France

Recto VRso is an international exhibition of virtual and mixed reality art that will take place as part of Laval Virtual  from 14 to 16 April 2021. Founded by artist and researcher Judith Guez, Recto VRso aims to invite artists, researchers, students and explorers whose art directly or indirectly questions the medium of virtual reality in order to generate new artistic forms. Recto VRso consists of two parts: the Art & VR Gallery at the Laval Museum of Science and the Art Itinerary, an art walk through different historical buildings in Laval.

XR Expo

17 – 21 05 2021 – Stuttgart

The XR Expo is already in its fifth year and addresses B2B users from industry, architecture, medicine, trade and crafts in particular. During the 4-day event in Stuttgart, there are special programme sections in the areas of start-up innovation, recruiting and match-making. This year, the XR-Expo team is planning a full week’s presence. It remains to be seen whether an on-site version will be possible in May due to the Corona pandemic. Info will follow.

VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival

04  – 13 06 2021 – Hamburg

Launched in 2018 and this year for the fourth time, the Virtual Reality & Arts Festival VRHAM! will take place from 04.06. – 13.06.2021. The event takes place in Hamburg’s Oberhafen and focuses in particular on XR as an artistic medium. Last year, the international festival took place digitally only. In 2021, the team around artistic director Ulrich Schrauth is aiming for a hybrid event. 

Laval Virtual – Pro Days

07 – 09 07 2021 – Laval, France

The Laval Virtual is actually known to everyone in the VR scene. Since 1999, the creators have been attracting people to the small French town of Laval, which with its 50,000 inhabitants offers a tranquil antipole to the high-tech industry. Over the years, the events have been supported and initiated locally and in other international cities. The Machen have been working in international cooperations for a long time. For example, the VR Days Europe in Amsterdam have been co-hosted by Laval Virtual since 2019. The Pro Days in Laval combine exhibition, conference and award ceremony in their programme. Last year – right at the start of the first lockdown in March – the Pro Days developed a completely virtual environment with its community in which the speaker programme, exhibition and networking took place.

Places _ VR Festival

16  – 18 09 2021 – Gelsenkirchen

This year, we ourselves will start in September and also want the third edition of the Places _ VR Festival to take place as a face-to-face event with digital elements. The offer is aimed at XR-interested people of all levels of experience, from curious beginners who want to get to know the technology, to start-up founders who can present their idea to investors and target groups, to XR companies and experts who want to present their application and concepts to a broad audience. With a wide-ranging speaker programme, workshops, a hackathon and the DIVR Science Award, there will be many opportunities to discover and shape the world of XR and to network in the scene.