With the Places _ WORKshops, we offer the opportunity to get to grips with a concrete business application from the extended reality sector in the form of a deep dive. Together with the developers of the application, the registered workshop participants can explore and understand the technology and thus find out how VR, AR and other technologies can advance their own business.

Deep dive sessions that help you really understand extended reality!

  • All WORKshops will take place at the Places _ Stage.
  • The duration of the thematic deep dives will be between 45 and 90 minutes.
  • After the WORKshop, the festival centre will also offer the opportunity to exchange ideas and meet people.
  • The WORKshop programme is aimed at executives of medium-sized and large companies, as well as anyone who wants to learn about the use of extended reality technology in professional contexts. The WORKshops are sector-specific and led by proven experts. They are intended as a place for joint learning and have a high level of practical relevance.
  • The WORKshops are one of the few programme points for which visitors must explicitly register. To find out when this is possible, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter and social media channels.

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These were our WORKshops 2020