VR for Kids

VR from the perspective of children – and parents.

In four different stations, children can immerse themselves in different VR games according to their age. Parents also receive information and virtual insights into the world of VR technology and can find out what their children can experience in virtual reality.

Children should be at least 8 years old to participate in the program.

All the vr stations in the section “VR for kids & parents” can be discovered at the Sportbude Bochumer Straße.

Understanding technology – the VR experience for parents

During the time when the children discover the VR world in a playful way, parents can also gather their first VR experiences in a virtual children’s room. The short application of mxr Storytelling introduces parents to the virtual world: How can VR best be used for children? How does VR affect children? What situations can I put my child in and how does the environment affect me as an adult? The application tries to get to the bottom of these and other questions and thus give parents better orientation in this still new field of technology.

On Saturday the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW supports the Kidsstation

When will my child be old enough to own a smartphone? How much screen time is suitable for my child? Which websites help me with media education? These and similar parental questions will be answered by an expert from parents and media for you on site. In addition, suitable offers are presented and flyers and brochures are available for you free of charge. Eltern und Medien is an offer of the State Media Authority NRW. It supports kindergartens, schools and other institutions in NRW in planning, organizing and implementing parents’ evenings for media education – online and on-site. Further information is available at www.elternundmedien.de and  www.medienanstalt-nrw.de.

Do you have questions about VR for Kids?

Contact Roman now, he is your contact person for VR for Kids and answers all your questions.