The Festival from A-Z – F.A.Q.

The easiest way to get to Gelsenkirchen main station is by train. On foot you will reach the festival area in about 10 minutes if you leave the main station in southern direction. With the line 302 you can reach the Wissenschaftspark or Stephanstraße stop directly in the middle of the festival area in about 5 minutes.

We also recommend the arrival by bike. This way you are also very flexible on the festival area and can easily get from A to B.

If you come by car, enter the address “Cramerweg 1” into your navigation system. There is a parking lot with enough space. Parking along Bochumer Straße is not recommended. Otherwise, on Saturday you can also use the parking lot of the Gesamtschule Ückendorf.


Everything about hygiene and our anti-corona measures can be found in the blog post about our hygiene concept.

Festival center

The festival centre is located around the crossing Bochumer Str./Flöz Sonnenschein/Stephanstraße. Here our streams are recorded in the studio, in the courtyard there is the possibility to watch the stream while enjoying drinks and food. Here is also the infopoint, where you can get help with your questions. 


The infopoint is located at the festival centre at the crossing Bochumer Straße / Flöz Sonnenschein. Here we are happy to help you, give you orientation and are available for questions. It is also a great meeting point!

Festival area

The festival area stretches from the Wissenschaftspark and Justizzentrum along Bochumer Straße to Virchowstraße and program partners will also show their applications in parts of Heidelberger Straße, Bergmannstraße and Flöz Sonnenschein.

Festival for kids

Access to our locations is only possible for visitors aged 16 and older. Younger VR-interested persons must be accompanied by an adult to visit our Experience _ Places. This also applies to “VR for Kids & Parents”.

Tickets & Kosten

If you are looking for ticket prices, event packages and price tables, you have come to the wrong place. Our festival is open to the public and free of charge. Only for organisational reasons it is necessary to register in advance in some places.

Online- & Offline program

→ See at livestreams & timeplan


From Thursday evening on we will start the long series of our live streams with the startup pitch. On Friday all lectures will be held in the studio, the panel “VR meets Good Work” by Creative NRW, the vernissage presentation of the project “Creative _ Places” as well as the panel “Places _ Moves”. On Saturday we will start with the opening of the “urbanana AReal” and then present the speakers of the second day in the studio. In the evening we will celebrate the end of the festival with the award ceremonies of the DIVR Science Award and the Places _ Hackathon

All speakers on our stage are only available on site and not in the stream. Here the number of spectators is limited and it is a good idea to be there in time. 


You can get food and drinks directly at the festival centre. In the subversive you get everything against thirst. In the courtyard you can find the boys & girls of El Donkey Burrito with their Tex-Mex creations. In addition, the food truck of Good Food for Good People will be parked in front of the justice centre and of course we recommend to use the snack bars, bars and bakeries in the festival area for catering.


The Places _ VR Festival 2020 starts on Thursday with a pure online program. In the morning there will be online workshops on various topics and in the evening we will broadcast the startup pitch in the livestream. 

From Friday afternoon on, our program partners at the Experience _ Places will open their VR stations and all visitors can experience and try out the VR applications themselves. At the same time we will broadcast the live streams from our studio, speakers will be on stage and the nominees for the DIVR Science Award will present their applications in the Science Park and invite you to try them out.

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