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The Places _ Startup Pitch offers young companies with exceptional business ideas from the fields of VR, AR and related technologies the chance to present themselves to a jury with representatives from venture capitalists, business development and XR expertise. XR startups from all over Europe have the chance to present themselves in front of the jury and in the live stream to pitch for the Places _ Startup of the Year award and win the associated prize money. Especially for early-stage startups, the Places _ Pitch is just the right thing to get in touch with the XR scene via the presentation and the festival.

Five participants presented their start-up and VR/AR-driven business model to the jury on 16 September.

Startup Pitch Gewinner

Startup Pitch Gewinner

With its 3D archive service, Digifactura is particularly exciting for museums and cultural institutions. The possibility of a spatial representation of art objects as well as a digital VR exhibition, in combination with the very easily scalable business model, convinced the jury!

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Thursday 16.08.2021 at 18.45


Live on Facebook and here on the website

Places _ VR Festival / Frank Vinken

The companies competing for the title Places _ Startup 2021 have been determined. Five participants will present their startup and VR/AR-driven business model to the jury on September 16.

Nominated Startups 2021



cityscaper easily converts simple 3D models into AR applications. Especially in the field of urban planning, infrastructure and real estate development, the application contributes to the participation of users and citizens.



As a service provider for museums and cultural institutions, digifactura offers a 3D archive service that includes the possibilities of a digital VR exhibition in addition to the spatial mapping of art objects.



Holocafé is a VR arcade franchise that focuses on shared group experiences in VR. The matching VR games are developed in-house and focus on the social aspect of gaming.



SWCode’s App SpotAR combines simple content management of AR content for tourism destinations with the right app for travelers.



Volucap creates volumetric 3D images of people, which can then be used as AR representations as avatars. In this way, the company has already turned the digital daily news or a live BossHoss concert into a holographic reality.

Die Jury

Egal ob Virtual, Augmented oder Mixed Reality - werde jetzt Teilnehmer des Places _ Startup Pitch!

The prize money of 3000€ is sponsored by Gelsen-Net

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And the Winner is: Digifactura!

Five startups competed on Thursday 16.09.2021 to win the Places _ Startup Pitch. Digifactura from Bochum was able to prevail over the four other startups. The company, which provides a VR archive [...]