Startup Pitch

Extended reality technologies are coming of age and more and more useful areas of application are crystallizing. It is in research and at universities that the pulse of technology is beating, and it is precisely here that one can see how the potential of these technologies is developing at breakneck speed. It is thanks to research that the topic is not stagnating, but is constantly being advanced. To honor the outstanding work from the university environment, the Institute for Virtual Realities (DIVR) in cooperation with the Places _ VR Festival annually awards the DIVR Science Award. Therefore, we are looking for the most innovative applications and concepts of German universities every year.

Present your startup to a jury of experts!

Step 1

You apply with your start-up! We then select the most interesting and promising companies and invite you!

Step 2

You prepare for a 3 minute pitch in front of the jury and the audience!

Step 3

You impress the jury with your idea! At the same time, your pitch will be broadcast live from the Places _ Studio via stream to the whole world!

Step 4

You snatch the title “Places _ Startup 2021”, take the prize money with you and use the opening evening of our festival to get in touch with the jury, experts and guests from business and society!

Places _ VR Festival / Frank Vinken

Whether Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality – become a participant of the Places _ Startup Pitch now!

Die Jury

Egal ob Virtual, Augmented oder Mixed Reality - werde jetzt Teilnehmer des Places _ Startup Pitch!

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