Works at VR First

Ferhan Ozkan

Ferhan Ozkan is leading the mission is to create a global ecosystem of XR innovators and utilize it for solving the challenges of industry. His influential journey started when he founded a pre-incubation center funded by World Bank, guiding 8 startups to successful industry exits. Soon afterwards, he established the digital platform for a telco operator distributing games of the top AAA publishers worldwide. The platform still continues to become one of the most profitable Value Added Services overall. As elected Vice-Chair of the IEEE VR/AR Standards Group, he works on bringing the industry closer, while focusing on empowering the major stakeholders with his expertise and global network.
He founded XR First, a global organization which has already attracted over 410 startup clusters and 800 universities from all around the world to join on its mission of the democratization of innovation. He also initiated XR Bootcamp, world’s first bootcamp for professional upskilling focusing on VR/AR. At various conferences, he is passionately addressing to a wide range of audience sharing his vision on immersive transformation and enterprise level capacity building.


The most in-demand VR/AR skills today – and how to upskill your team quickly.

Date: Friday, 21 August 2020

Timeslot: 05:00 – 05:20 PM

Location: Places _ Stage

This lecture will be held in English.