Stadterneuerungsgesellschaft Gelsenkirchen

from Gelsenkirchen

At the end of 2011, Stadterneuerungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG – (SEG) was founded by the city of Gelsenkirchen. It serves as an instrument to counteract urban development problems in Gelsenkirchen and to further develop districts in a sustainable and lively manner. With the help of project developments in SEG’s own properties, influence is exerted on the social, cultural and economic environment. The aim is to eliminate urban development mistakes, to seize opportunities and to bring about new uses. At the Places _ VR Festival many of the festival locations are provided by SEG. This includes the Exodos, which can be viewed in a walk-in VR building planning model in SEG’s application.

Real estate and construction planning in VR/360°
The SEG Gelsenkirchen shows an application with the current construction plans of the former city theatre Exodos already becoming reality.

Duration of the application: 5 min

Komme ins das Büro der SEG GmbH und entdecke die Pläne für das Exodos.

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