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In “Echoing Spheres” the artist and cyborg Amon van Fries makes his visual impressions visible to the viewer through an implant. Sounds are perceived as colours and shapes. Then there is an incident. Is Amon’s dream of his own rebirth as a cyborg merely the pipe dream of an extraordinary human being? Does the technological expansion really open up new spheres of perception? And how fluid are the boundaries between expanding the old and creating something new?

Echoing Spheres

The performative VR space installation “Echoing Spheres” plays with the transition between real environment and recorded reality. Even before they put on their VR glasses, viewers become part of the piece and thus experience a story that is not limited to the digital sphere.

“Echoing Spheres” is a final project by Julius Hackspiel, Karen Dohr & Lorenz Vögel (Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin)

Duration of the application: 20 min

You can try out the application in Innenraum Justizzentrum.

Registration at the info point on the forecourt of the Justice Centre.

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