The Places _ Virtual Reality Festival is an event for all those, who don’t get enough of innovations, and for who technology means inspiration. Whether out of private interest or as a business visitor: The diversity of Places _ Programs offers exciting insights, relevant outlooks and encounters with the tech avantgarde for almost everyone.You can find the current program planning considering the current situation in our Corona Monitor.

Experience _ Places (Fri & Sat)

Reality check of Extended Reality: Freely accessible, the program partners of the Places _ VR Festival present their applications at over 20 exciting locations in the Kreativquartier.Ückendorf. The perfect stage for innovations and experiments from all sectors and areas of life – extensive testing is explicitly encouraged.

VR for Kids (Fri & Sat)

No generation has been exposed to electronic media as much as the present one. In the program part “VR for Kids” we therefore offer, not only age-appropriate content for kids and teenagers, but also an own VR application for parents, that informs about the current state of media research in the field of Extended Reality.

Late Night VR (Fri)

On Festival Friday, Places _ 2020 remains open longer. Until 10 PM, selected locations will present entertainment options, that are directed at a broad consumer target group. Here, the entertainment of tomorrow may be discovered today.

WORKshops (Thu & Fri)

The WORKshop Program is directed at executives of medium and large-sized companies, as well as everybody who, via the use of Extended Reality technology, wants to inform themselves in professional contexts. The WORKshops are sector-specific and will be lead by acknowledged experts. They can be seen as a place for joint learning with a high practical relevance.

Startup Pitch & Networking Event (Thu Evening)

At the start of the Networking Event Thursday evening, the Extended Reality startups will have the chance to pitch to investors and experts. Afterwards, there will be ample opportunity for the whole community to network and exchange.

Hackathon (Fri & Sat)

24 hours from briefing to completed Extended Reality prototypes. That is the challenge of the Places _ Hackathon. Participants from diverse disciplines, from programmer over designer to sociologist or artist – They are all invited to face the challenge.

DIVR Science Award (Fri & Sat)

In cooperation with the Deutsches Institut für virtuelle Realitäten (DIVR), the DIVR Science Award for the most innovative university projects in the field of Extended Reality, will be awarded. The award nominees present their applications at the Places _ VR Festival to the public and face the review of a distinguished expert jury, with experts from the business world, the academic fields and society.

Creative _ Places (Fri & Sat)

Creative _Places offers room for creative experiments and wants to enable artistic exchange and innovations. Six Extended Reality artists will form a week-long living and working group in the Kreativ.Quartier Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf. Highlight of the week will be a joint exhibition of immersive art. The perfect stage for creative minds from far and wide.

You have questions about the program?

Get in touch with Elli now, she is your contact person on the subject of program and will answer all your questions.