The Places _ Virtual Reality Festival is an event for everyone who can’t get enough of innovation and for whom technology means inspiration. Whether out of purely private interest or as a business visitor: The diversity of the Places _ program offers exciting insights, relevant views and encounters with the tech avant-garde for almost everyone.

Program overview

(c) Places _ VR Festival / Medienmalocher, Ravi Sejk

Experience _ Places

The Experience _ Places are the heart of the Places _ Festival. Here you can try out virtual reality and augmented reality applications. A perfect opportunity to get to know the technology or get an update on VR – where are the trends going and what is already possible today? From culture and business to gaming and research, a wide variety of applications are available for active experience.

(c) Places _ VR Festival /Frank Vinken


At the Places _ VR Festival, you can not only test the latest applications from the world of VR and AR, but also take away business insights, background information on XR projects and the latest findings from universities and colleges. The wide-ranging program of speakers and panel talks is the ideal brain food for keeping up to date with the latest developments in “Extended Reality”.

Startup Pitch

Six startups from Germany are competing to win the Places _ Startup Pitch and become Germany’s most innovative XR startup. In front of a jury of investors, XR experts and business promoters, the companies from the fields of VR, AR and MR present their business models and ideas and not only get the chance to present themselves to a broad public but also win the prize money associated with the title.

(c) Places _ VR Festival / Medienmalocher, Ravi Sejk

DIVR Science Award

The potential of extended reality technologies is particularly evident in research and at universities. This is where the pulse of time beats in terms of VR and AR. For the DIVR Science Award, the German Institute for Virtual Realities (DIVR) is on the lookout every year for the most innovative applications and concepts from German universities. The presentation of the projects and the award ceremony for the DIVR Science Award will take place from 16 – 18 September as part of the Places _ VR Festival.


From a task to a VR/AR prototype in just 24 hours – in interdisciplinary teams of designers, coders and experts from many other fields. That is the Places _ Hackathon. This year, the challenges of the hackathon come from the field of IT security. The results of the participants will be presented and awarded prizes on Saturday evening in the Places _ Studio.


At various stations, children can immerse themselves in different VR games according to their age. Parents also receive information and virtual insights into the world of VR technology and can find out what their children can experience in virtual reality.

Imagine Green Urban Futures

In the project “Imagine Green Urban Futures”, the initiative and the Places _ VR Festival want to work together with innovative urban designers to discover new possibilities for making cities, streets and squares better and more sustainable. With the help of AR technology, it will be possible to experience live on site how a city can change positively.