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this is gelsen

from Gelsenkirchen

Welcome to the Emschermulde.

Tired of the city’s image and the unused potential this is Gelsen was created.
this is Gelsen shows Gelsenkirchen from an urban perspective within its variety of people and places with great potential and makes use of it.
Away from the negative view of the city, the crew shows how a wider view of things can make a change.

With an own online-store, an opportunity was created to support this project and to be part of this movement

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You will find a motive designed by This is Gelsen scattered around our festival site, behind which there is another AR level. Find and scan the poster with the “Artivive” App, record a video in the app and post it in your Insta-Story. Then link @thisisgelsen and @places_festival and you’re in the competition.

You can win a this is GELSEN package (nightshift/meanbean/pin). You can take part from Thursday, 16 September to Saturday, 18 September 2021, 00:00h.

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