Experience _ Places

The System Collective

from Vienna, Austria

The System Collective – i.e. the media artists Daniela Weiss and Jascha Ehrenreich – have developed a virtual museum since 2020 that turns public space into an exhibition space for art. The exhibition space is the world map. The AR/XR web platform enables artists to immerse themselves in the digital world and become part of it. In this way, every work of art becomes a permanent part of the city’s culture.

Artificial Museum

With the Artificial Museum, The System Collectiv have developed an innovative exhibition concept. With the web-based augmented reality application, it is possible to freely place and discover art in public space. They focus on the digitalisation of analogue art from all genres, from performance and painting to video and audio installations. At the Places _ VR Festival, The Sytem Collective will present the exhibition project “volksg[ar]ten. Opposition” – an intensive collaboration with the Experimental Media Master Class of the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten.

Duration of application: 15 minutes

The art objects from Vienna are distributed throughout our festival area and can be explored on your own. You can get detailed instructions at our info point.

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