℅ – raum für kooperation
Bochumer Str. 140-142
45886 Gelsenkirchen

About the place

When the three creative freelancers Matthias Krentzek, Melanie Kemner and Simon Schlenke were looking for a space where they could all pursue their work together, they took the initiative on themselves and, with ℅ – Raum für Kooperation, created the very co-working space they had always dreamed of. In preparation for the Places _ VR Festival, the space serves as headquarters for planning and organisation. This is the heart of the festival.

Award ceremonies and expert panels in the live stream

The ℅ – raum für kooperation is the central point for our streaming programme. Our panels, the start-up pitch and the award ceremonies for the DIVR Award and the Hackathon are broadcast from here.