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from Paderborn

The company has set out to revolutionise the digital health market in the field of psychotherapy. The team is interdisciplinary, received an award from the BMWi in 2018 and has strong support from the start-up scene and scientific institutions

Virtual Reality optimised for the human brain

Thearapy application in VR
Psycurio has developed a VR application as a supplement or enrichment to classical psychotherapeutic procedures. Thanks to the application, the patient should benefit from faster initial treatment, reduced waiting time after initial treatment and a lower dropout rate as well as higher effectiveness of the therapy.

Duration of the application: 10 minutes

Want to take a look at the latest developments in digital medicine? Visit Psycurio at the Mehrgenerationenhaus, Bochumer Straße 85.

Daniela Schumacher from Psycurio informs about the topic: The experience simulator for our brain - how VR triggers neurological & psychological changes

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