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4dart / Jean-Frédéric Bergeron Poudrier

from Quebec, Kanada

Founded in Montreal in 1983/84, Lemieux Pilon 4D Art is a multidisciplinary ensemble with more than 40 original productions to its credit.

FInternationally renowned for their fascinating fusion of dance, theatre, music, visual arts and film, the dynamic duo of Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon create unique hybrid productions that combine the real and the virtual, the performing arts and multimedia.

Immersive VR narrative "Icarus

Immersive VR narrative
An immersive VR experience in the form of a linear narrative around the story of Icarus, the young man who burns his wings because he flew too close to the sun. One of the most interesting aspects of this creation is the feeling you get when you are hurled through space at great speed to reach the sun.

Duration of application: 12 minutes

Let yourself be drawn into the immersive storytelling. "Icarus" can be seen at kauVR, Bochumer Straße 156.

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