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from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IDEOgraph is an advertising agency from Rio de Janeiro with a passion for cinema, television, digital media, disruptive experiences and immersive realities. The team is dedicated to intense audience experiences and has been showing productions on five continents, at the most prestigious film festivals, for almost a decade.

Cine Metro - Immersive Experience

Cine Metro – Immersive Experience is a 360° video production that invites viewers to a historic evening: the first screening of Cine Metro, the largest and most luxurious cinema palace seen in all of Latin America up to that time. More than 1,800 upholstered seats – cooled by unprecedented air-conditioning and wrapped in Art Deco architecture – are ready for the spectacular film “Mutiny on the Bounty” (1935). All that remains of the former cinema palace today are shapeless ruins.

Duration of application: 10 minutes

A homage not only to the cinema, but also to the unique buildings in which films are shown worldwide. To be experienced at kauVR, Bochumer Straße 156.

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