Digital home - Four municipal CDOs on the road to digital reality

The world of digital reality, the world behind VR and AR devices, is surprisingly on our doorstep. It is the digital images of our living and working spaces that are particularly attractive for VR and AR applications.
If you want to be active here, you can’t get any further without the local communities. They not only define connectivity, but are also the data silo and rights holders of the environmental and structural data.
Reason enough for us to bring the drivers of digitalisation in the municipalities to the podium.
Four CDOs from Gelsenkirchen, Bonn, Cologne and Krefeld, who have to establish XR as part of the digital transformation on site.

Panel Participants

Stephan Sorkin

Stephan Sorkin is the first chairman of the First German Association for Virtual Reality (EDFVR). His jobs and fields of activity as a freelancer are diverse and range from journalism to film production to press relations.

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