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Arash Akbari

from Tehran, Iran

Arash Akbari is a transdisciplinary artist from Tehran, Iran, where he lives and works. His artistic work focuses on audiovisual performances and installations, interactive applications and multisensory experiences.


Artistic VR experience on the relationship between man and machine
Infomorph is a collaborative project by Arash Akbari and Farzaneh Nouri. It is a speculative interactive VR experience that explores themes of reality, life and the relationship between humans, machines and nature in a posthuman future where living in the physical world is no longer possible or necessary. It narrates the process of consciousness transfer of one of the last biological consciousnesses of a human being, while an AI agent accompanies him through the transition.

Duration of application: 10 minutes

You can experience the experimental application at the interface of art and technology at kauVR, Bochumer Straße 156.

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