Our _ Story

If you want to create innovations, you also have to believe in them. That’s what we did when we came up with the idea for the Places _ VR Festival in 2017. What we still lacked in knowledge about VR technology and the industry, we made up for with drive and courage. With us, virtual reality and real life meet. Virtual reality experiences its reality check with us in the surroundings of the most exciting district of the Ruhr area. Between the charm of old buildings and glass facades, the #1 festival for virtual reality in Germany takes place in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf. In our eyes, Places has become more than just an annual event. Over the years, Places has become a platform for us and you as an XR community. That’s why we want to develop Places step by step. In addition, we will create a helpful regular offer for citizens, students and companies to further promote our idea of democratising immersive technologies.

Places is being further developed:

Places will be further developed: as one of the most important platforms of the XR scene in Germany, Places will in future also be visible in various other formats that go beyond the annual presence of a festival.

Review: Places _ VR Festival 2021

The third Places _ VR Festival was also a real success and attracted 6000 visitors on- and offline. Meaningful XR” was also the focus of our festival this year. At Places _ 2021, the present already showed how XR positively influences our future – be it in business, health, social, design or sustainability. But with the 2021 edition of the festival, “Places” is also entering a new phase. We have put Gelsenkirchen on the map of the VR scene with the festival, but in the future we want to be more than just an event and industry meeting place. The goal is to establish VR & AR as a branch of industry in our city and, for example, to establish a VR Lab that serves as a platform for young developers and start-ups. To the Review

Connecting the VR community again

We invited to the third edition of the Places _ VR Festival from 16 to 18 September 2021. Once again, we attracted XR enthusiasts from near and far to Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf and, after a year full of social distancing, wanted to offer the XR community even more platforms and opportunities for exchange. Together with the team from lala.ruhr, the project “imagine green urban futures” focused on sustainable urban development in VR & AR.

Review: Places _ VR Festival 2020

Originally planned for May, the situation around the Corona pandemic unfortunately leads to a further delay, so that the Places _ VR Festival 2020 will take place in August. Nevertheless, with a responsible hygiene concept, a festival could once again take place that brought together developers and those interested in the topic of XR and provided an opportunity for XR makers to network, exchange knowledge and bring forward new ideas. With the Experience _ Places, live-streamed speakers, panels and talks, workshops, Creative _ Places art commons, and the Hackathon and DIVR Science Award, the festival reaches over 4000 people onsite and online. To the review.

Places _ VR Festival is back on track

After taking a run-up in 2019, a proper solution for the future was found to present a Places _ VR Festival in 2020 and 2021. Through the support of the State Ministry of Economic Affairs within the framework of the digital model regions, financing for two festival years was secured. The newly founded mrx storytelling UG is responsible for the implementation on behalf of the City of Gelsenkirchen. The founders and festival directors of the Places _ VR Festival, Roman Pilgrim and Matthias Krentzek, remain responsible for the festival management.

Artists co-live and co-create

At Creative _ Places we have implemented the long-cherished idea of a short term artist-in-residence program. 6 artists* from all over Germany lived and worked together for one week, in a shared flat, working in a shared office to present a joint exhibition with elements of XR, video and performance.

Our work is awarded

In June 2019, the Places team receives the Urbanana Award for extraordinary concepts in city tourism. The prize awarded by Tourismus NRW is both a reward for work done and motivation for future editions of the Places _ Festival.

Unversities in the virtual focus


2019 is not a “break year” for the Places team. The second festival edition cannot take place in 2019. Nevertheless, with the VR-Science- & Business Day and Creative _ Places two successful events can be realized. 


At VR Science- & Business Day two exciting sides of the XR industry meet. On the one hand, 21 university teams presented their XR projects and applied for the DIVR Science Award, which is presented jointly with the German Institute for VR. On the other hand, the day is an exchange platform for creative people, media professionals and IT experts. Medien.NRW is making its first appearance in the Ruhr Region with the network event series “Match me if you can”.

Germanys #1 VR-Festival

The Places _ VR Festival celebrates its premiere. Germany’s first festival for Virtual Reality takes place in the Creative Quarter Ückendorf. More than 2000 visitors, enthusiastic program partners and numerous media reports with over 8.9 million viewers, readers and listeners impressively confirm that the idea of the festival came up at the right time and in the right place. The festival program included experience stations, lectures, workshops, parties, a hackathon and much more. The response from visitors and program partners was overwhelmingly good and motivated people to start planning a new edition of the Places _ VR Festival -> Link to the review


The Places _ VR Festival is developed

One thing proves in no-time: A VR event in Ückendorf has a high potential, but needs certain structures and a portion of conceptual work in addition to the existence of an organizer, if the event is to be successful. The Insane Urban Cowboys come into play and with their idea for a whole VR festival they inspire the business development department of the City of Gelsenkirchen. The final concept for this four-day festival is developed in cooperation. The basic idea behind the festival: Attract partners from all over Germany and stage it in the different locations of Ückendorf – from the glass arcade of the “Wissenschaftspark” to the now empty former shops and buildings. Here, with the help of VR, visitors are transported into different worlds. The theme of the “place” represents this idea and as a consequence we talk about the “Places _ VR Festival” for the first time.

First virtual ideas

In the course of 2016, in Gelsenkirchen, the first ideas around the topic of Virtual Reality are developed. Florian and Patrick Becker are planning the opening of their VR arcade “VRoom.ruhr” and the business development of the City of Gelsenkirchen has also recognized the potential of this new technology. Dr. Christopher Schmitt, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs, brings the idea of a VR weekend in Ückendorf into play. Initial talks between VRoom and the citys business development department take place and the first ideas for VR events in Ückendorf are spun.

The Insane Urban Cowboys network is established

In November, the Insane Urban Cowboys, previously existing as an informal network at that time, form a common association. The aim of the group is to let young movers and shakers in Gelsenkirchen network and to stimulate the cultural life of the urban area. The Insane Urban Cowboys want to play a role in the development of the urban district Ückendorf. This happens mainly through various parties in this neighborhood, which is, by many, still considered to be a no-go-area at that time, as well as through networking events for young creatives and entrepreneurs in Gelsenkirchen.

In this part of the town, in some places, there are already beginnings of change. Events of the creative scene take place around Bochumer Straße. The district is slowly blossoming and the Insane Urban Cowboys are doing their part.