Our hygiene measures at the festival

When the situation around the corona virus rapidly developed in March in a direction where it was no longer possible to think of holding a major event, we cancelled our date originally planned for May and moved our festival to August. During this time both the general situation has improved a little. More importantly, we have been able to work out sensible measures and take precautions to make our festival as safe as possible and still allow people to experience and discover VR. 

All of us – organizers and visitors – must therefore follow special rules this year to further contain the spread of the corona virus. We have written down the most important rules for you here. 

Mask obligation: As soon as you enter a closed room, you have to wear a mask to protect others in case you are unknowingly infected with COVID-19. 

Distance: In each location there is an access restriction and a maximum number of people, so that the minimum distances in the locations have to be kept as good as possible. Wherever possible, make sure you keep 1.5 meters away from other visitors, program partners or staff. 

Disinfection: Please disinfect your hands when entering each location. The program partners will make sure that the VR glasses and headsets remain clean. 

Tracking: At many locations we are required to keep track of your contact information and time of arrival and departure. This can be done quickly and securely via QR code and smartphone. We also recommend installing the Corona app on your phone, if this is technically possible.

Directions: Please pay attention to the signs at the locations. Where a one-way street system is possible, this will be implemented. Please keep to the prescribed direction. 

Should you have cold-like symptoms such as fever, sniffles, cough and the like, please stay at home. Our festival staff and stewards are instructed to send you back home if you show such symptoms. 

We are counting on all of us to follow these rules together so that we all go home healthy. We are really looking forward to have you as our visitors!

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