Places _ Hackathon _ 21. – 22.08.2020

What should the city of the future look like?

This question has occupied many generations before us. Today, the challenges seem to be particularly great again, the future seems more unpredictable than it has been for a long time. What visions are we developing in 2020 for future urban coexistence? How can we succeed in making the city of the future liveable, digital and sustainable?

We at Places _ VR Festival believe that the technologies of Extended Reality (VR, AR, MR) are particularly suitable for discussing solutions, making visions come alive and planning the future. Does this sound like a challenge for you? Then join the Hackathon during the Places _ Virtual Reality Festival. Here you will have 24 hours to develop and prototype a VR/AR/MR app that focuses on the future of the city.


Does this sound like a challenge for you? Then join the Hackathon during the Places _ Virtual Reality Festival. Here you will have 24 hours to develop and prototype a VR/AR/MR app that focuses on the future of the city.

No matter if developer, designer, storyteller, gamer, professional, student or VR enthusiast- our challenges need diverse teams. The event is aimed at all skill levels from beginners to professionals, and it serves to learn together and from each other. Coaches are available for all kinds of questions.

Theme sponsors

City of Soest
In 682 years the Soester Kirmes has only been cancelled 3 times. Even in 2020 the biggest inner city funfair in Germany cannot take place. How can such a traditional event be experienced in digital space? And how can a place like the cemetery benefit from the innovative power of extended reality?
The StadtLABOR of the digital model municipality Soest brings two challenges to the Places _ Hackathon, which focus on the digital added value for the urban society.


City of Paderborn (Digital Model Municipality OWL)
How can all participants of public traffic – even those with mobility restrictions – get along well in a modern mobility world thanks to the interplay of IOT, Big Data and AR/VR.
How can IOT, Big Data and AR/VR enable all road users to network with each other in order to increase safety/attentiveness and control traffic flows intelligently?


Spurwechsel Zollverein
What does the mobility of the future look like? Or to put it another way: How can the wishes of residents, employees and visitors be brought together at the former coal mine Zeche Zollverein?

The “Spurwechsel Zollverein” project presents a challenge in the field of mobility around the Zeche Zollverein World Heritage Site


Open Innovation Lab in the ARENA PARK
How do a multitude of sensors in public space work? What do they pick up and do sensors in these places make sense?
From “The Connected City” and Digital Model Municipality Gelsenkirchen comes a challenge of the “Open Innovation Lab in the ARENA PARK”, which combines the topics 3D models, IoT and Big Data.


Tourismus NRW e.V.
How can immersion draw me even deeper into a city as a traveller and tourist?

The “Urbanana” project of Tourismus NRW e.V. presents a challenge from the field of Tourism & Travel.




Farina Hamann


Dr. Eike Langbehn


Wolfgang Jung

Time table

Friday, 21 August 2020

14:00h Start
14:30h Challenges Introduction, Teambuilding, SetUp Workstations
16:00h Start Coding
19:00h Voluntary Unity-Workshop

Saturday, 22 August 2020

16:00h End of Coding, Jury-Walk
19:00h Presentation in the Festival Centre and Award Ceremony
21:00h Voluntary Party 🙂

What we will arange for you:

• Food and beverages for 24 hours
• Spectacular group workplaces in the arcade of the Science Park Gelsenkirchen
• VR-Work-Stations
• Quiet room and resting possibilities
• Evaluation by a renowned expert jury
• Public award ceremony in the festival program
• Prizes and prize money with a total value of more than 4,000 €
• If needed: Free overnight stay for the night from Saturday to Sunday
• Travel allowance for long journeys (limited budget)

What you should bring:

• Bring your own device! Please bring your own hardware and software that you want to use for
• For those who do not have their own devices, we will have a limited number of laptops, mobile
and VR devices available.
• Curiosity about people and topics, desire for challenges, enthusiasm for technology and

The Places VR _ Hackathon 2020 is supported by:


The Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen supports the Hackathon _ 2020 by sponsoring the prize money for the best prototype.

The prize for the best idea is provided by the IHK Nord Westfalen.

The innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft gGmbH sponsors the audience award at the Hackathon _ 2020.

Hackathon _ 2018

In 2018, 31 participants have already developed prototypes of new VR/AR applications within 24 hours. Click here for the 2018 review: