Experience _ Places

The Experience _ Places are the heart of the Places _ Festival. Here you can try out virtual reality and augment reality applications. For visitors, it is an update on technology – where are the trends heading and what is already possible today? For the programme partners presenting their applications, it is a reality check and an opportunity to present their project to a broad audience.

The reality check for your XR application!

I would like my project to become part of Experience _ Places – how does it work?

  • You contact us with your VR/AR/MR application. 
  • We will see which of the extraordinary locations on our festival grounds best suits you and your application.
  • You present your project to the visitors on Friday and Saturday of the festival.
  • Visitors have the opportunity to test your application and to exchange ideas with you. 
  • At our networking party you have the opportunity to get in touch with the other programme partners of the scene!

Register now with your application or your project to be part of the Places _ VR Festival as an Experience _ Places. It doesn’t matter whether your application is actually aimed at a specific specialist audience or is made for a broad user group.

Experience _ Places  2020

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