Educating parents – inspiring kids

Many parents wonder how the experience of virtual reality affects their children. We as the makers of the Places _ VR Festival have also found this exciting since the beginning of our involvement with the topic of VR. Therefore we have dedicated a complete location to the topic VR for kids & parents at this festival, which gives both kids and parents the opportunity to get to know the various possibilities of VR. 

In four different stations, children can immerse themselves in different VR games according to their age. Parents can also get information and virtual insights into the world of VR technology and find out what their children can experience in virtual reality.

During the time in which the children discover the virtual world in a playful way, parents can also gather their first VR experiences in a virtual children’s room. The use of mxr storytelling introduces parents to virtual reality: How can VR best be used for children? The application tries to get to the bottom of these and other questions and thus give parents better orientation in this still new field of technology.

In addition, there is an offer from the State Institute for Media, where parents are generally informed about healthy media consumption and media pedagogical questions.

You can find all information on the programme area “VR for Kids & Parents” here. 

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