DIVR Science Award

Extended reality technologies are growing up and more and more useful areas of application are crystallizing. It is research and at universities that the pulse of technology is beating in and it is precisely here that one can see how the potential of these technologies is developing at breakneck speed. It is thanks to research that the topic is not stagnating, but is constantly being advanced. To honor the outstanding work from the university environment, the Institute for Virtual Realities (DIVR) in cooperation with the Places _ VR Festival annually awards the DIVR Science Award. Therefore, we are looking for the most innovative applications and concepts of German universities every year.

The award for pioneering extended reality research in Germany!

best concept

The most innovative approach, the most creative use of Extended Reality or the most exciting experiment in the competition will be awarded. The focus of the evaluation is on the best intellectual achievement.

best impact

The project with the greatest potential to initiate or accelerate social change receives this award. Which project has the greatest social, economic,
ecological or scientific relevance? Prototypes must already demonstrate this potential.

best tech

The award goes to the application or product that stands out due to its convincing realisation. The jury is looking for something special in the implementation, conceivable are: very good technical quality, high degree of technological innovation, unique aesthetics, resource-saving execution and much more.

Wissenschaft trifft Extended-Reality - wir suchen dein Projekt!

Whether you're still studying, teaching, or doing research, apply now!


In 2021, individuals or teams from the environment of a university (university, university of applied sciences, private university) can apply with their project. This can be, for example, the VR lab of a faculty, as well as a learning group of students or a start-up that is preparing its spin-off from the university. The decisive factor here is the claim to deal scientifically with the topic of extended reality.

Collaborative project

The DIVR Science Award is a collaborative project of the Places _ VR Festival and the DIVR.
The festival has been held in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf since 2018 and has since been the venue for the award ceremony. Together, the DIVR and the Places _ Team nominates the shortlist for the award.
The Places _ Virtual Reality Festival is Germany’s first and largest freely accessible and free-of-charge festival for virtual reality. The festival is aimed equally at a professional audience, but especially at a broad public audience, and has been held in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf since 2018. The Places _ VR Festival is a meeting point for the German and European VR industry as well as a contact point for many people interested in VR.
The DIVR is a curator of research results and knowledge on virtual reality topics in German-speaking countries. It organizes forums and events for exchange and is committed to the promotion and illumination of the involved stakeholders. As a hub for politics, business and science, it provides educational work, discusses opportunities and risks of the technologies VR, AR, XR and derives recommendations for action from the collected findings.