About _ Places

The Places _ Virtual Reality Festival is Germany’s first and largest freely accessible and free festival for virtual reality. The festival will enter its third round in 2021.The Places _ VR Festival is aimed equally at a professional audience, but especially at a broad public audience, and has been taking place in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf since 2018. The festival is a meeting point for the German and European VR industry as well as a contact point for many people interested in VR.

We make VR and AR technologies accessible to anyone. At the same time we are a place to test, learn and discover, exchange and network.

A wide-ranging programme awaits you in extraordinary urban locations: from Experience _ Places to speakers, panels, talks, workshops and the Creative _ Places art-in-residence programme, the Places _ Hackathon to the DIVR Science Award. All this is waiting to be discovered at the Places _ VR Festival 2021.

Programme highlights

A diverse programme awaits you in extraordinary locations:


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Why Places _ VR Festival?

Extended Reality technologies offer more than entertainment and gimmicks these days. After the hype comes the added value – and this becomes visible and tangible at the Places _ VR Festival.
The Places _ VR Festival 2021 makes VR and AR technologies experienceable, shows trends and offers a place for creative exchange and discussion in the middle of the Metropole Ruhr.
Since 2018, the festival has been an important platform for the German and European VR industry.

(c) Places _ VR Festival / Medienmalocher, Ravi Sejk

In 2020, we had to break new ground and were able to organise a festival under strict hygiene regulations. That’s how we finally hostet one of the year’s most highly attended hybrid VR events. We will continue on this path of a community-driven festival in 2021 and invite active and diverse networks and communities from all over Germany to Gelsenkirchen.
The third Places _ VR Festival will take place from 16 to 18 September 2021 – we look forward to seeing you and are excited for you becoming part of the Places _ VR Festival!